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Easop releases LP “The Time Has Come”


San Francisco gospel rapper Easop has released his groundbreaking LP, titled, “The Time Has Come.”


San Francisco gospel rapper Easop has released his groundbreaking LP, titled, “The Time Has Come.” The record is technically a re-release of his 2000 album of the same name on his own LOD Music label (Life or Death Music), with which he originally came into his own as a rap artist of what he has termed “street gospel.” The album garnered national airplay on popular music radio stations and reached the top ten on TVU networks. Ryan Freel of the Baltimore Orioles famously used Easop's music for his at-bat theme song, which played each time the athlete walked to the plate to swing. Easop has called the scenarios discussed in “The Time Has Come” “A message of street realities mixed with faith, hope and stories that people can relate to on all levels.”

This seemingly counter-intuitive blend of street wisdom and Godliness is perhaps what Easop is best known for, as seen here in this line from his recent “Street Gospel” EP: “Jesus of Nazareth, a man who walked a lonely road, came to this earth to forgive your sin and save your soul. If He was here, He'd walk the ghetto with the thugs, and show the love that would reach out to the Crips and Bloods.” He is also, however, known for the sheer quality of his lines. His use of poetic devices such as assonance and alliteration (both of which are exemplified in the above line) places his art above any but the very best rappers, Christian or secular.

For this reason Easop is frequently compared to the late, great Tupac Shakur, even called the Tupac of gospel music. This accolade is not mere bluster. Easop's surgically precise diction, combined with his emphatically righteous philosophies, are intensely similar to Shakur in style, delivery, tone, and courageousness. In fact, since Easop disseminates no gang affiliation and has never rapped about shallow material, it is justifiable to consider that Easop's work makes several important improvements to the legendary Tupac's formula – and chances are that 'Pac would approve.

Easop's “The Time Has Come” and other LOD releases are available online worldwide. See also his music video, “Out Tha Box,” for an introduction to this world-changing music artist.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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