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Easop and Don Clay release new LP “Reloaded”


San Francisco music artists Easop and Don Clay have released their capital new LP, titled, “Reloaded.”


San Francisco rap artists Easop and Don Clay have released their capital new LP, titled, “Reloaded.” The long-awaited album is a collaborative rap effort featuring other artists from Easop's LOD music label (Life or Death Music). Produced by Don Clay, the album also features LOD artists Nick Beam and Rome Lowe. It is, like the rest of Easop's remarkable rap set in a definitive and genuine urban atmosphere, entirely a work of gospel music preached proudly and loudly.

Easop and Don Clay have openly said that they “represent the street, with a dose of reality and faith,” but it is perhaps equally true that they also represent their faith with a degree of rationality and artistic intensity that non-secular music often lacks. “Reloaded” is not all church, however – it is also an anthem of the streets, which they have themselves dubbed “street gospel,” an entirely fitting term. The album's single, “Let Me Hear You Now” is a crowd catalyst, a high-octane track with everything fans of urban music have come to expect from the genre and much, much more. Another track on the record, “Life,” is much more introspective and autobiographical. Easop and Don Clay make it obvious that they have much to say, and much to teach.

The lines and rhymes of “Reloaded” represent some of the best writing in music, which is typical of Easop's work (although particularly so here, joined by Clay). That he earnestly, obviously believes in his message infuses his entire work with an honesty that would be touching if it were not so extremely powerful in its articulation. The album is not a soft-and-cuddly Sunday school record for rap fans. “I'm not a bubble gum rapper,” Easop says in a track from his EP. “These realities are truth. My game face is on when I step into the booth.” Easop and Don Clay represent gritty, urban life with a genuine moral integrity, and if these attributes seem unlikely or mutually exclusive, consider another Easop line, which speaks for him and Don Clay very well for all its brevity:

“I serve God with a swagger so the streets show me love.”

The collaborative record “Reloaded” is also on the heels of Aesop's solo EP, “Street Gospel,” heralding the coming LP of the same name. The EP features two singles from that upcoming release, “You've Been Waiting” and “How I Do It.” “Street Gospel” is due out in 2013.

Easop and Don Clay's “Reloaded” is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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