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SF rapper Easop releases new single “Got Em Shook”

The rap artist known as Easop has released his newest single, “Got Em Shook.” Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Easop is the easily the most prominently rising star in the underground genre of urban gospel music. The artist himself has dubbed his own personal brand of rap, “street gospel,” a moniker that proved appropriate following his “Reloaded” release in early April of 2013. The “Reloaded” LP (which was created in collaboration with fellow music artist Don Clay) showed Easop to be a razor tongued rapper, a sharp witted writer, and – what continues to surprise and enthral larger and larger audiences across America – an entirely steadfast man of God.

Easop’s new single “Got Em Shook” is climbing up the charts…

Easop comes in at #6 on the Top 50 Independent National Airplay charts on Digital Radio Tracker with "Got Em Shook," the first single from his new album due out this summer This marks a move up from last week's #9…

Easop and Don Clay release new LP “Reloaded”

San Francisco rap artists Easop and Don Clay have released their capital new LP, titled, “Reloaded.” The long-awaited album is a collaborative rap effort featuring other artists from Easop's LOD music label (Life or Death Music). Produced by Don Clay, the album also features LOD artists Nick Beam and Rome Lowe. It is, like the rest of Easop's remarkable rap set in a definitive and genuine urban atmosphere, entirely a work of gospel music preached proudly and loudly.

Easop releases LP “The Time Has Come”

San Francisco gospel rapper Easop has released his groundbreaking LP, titled, “The Time Has Come.” The record is technically a re-release of his 2000 album of the same name on his own LOD Music label (Life or Death Music), with which he originally came into his own as a rap artist of what he has termed “street gospel.” The album garnered national airplay on popular music radio stations and reached the top ten on TVU networks. Ryan Freel of the Baltimore Orioles famously used Easop's music for his at-bat theme song, which played each time the athlete walked to the plate to swing.

"Orioles Major League Baseball Slugger (Ryan Freel) Chooses Gospel Rapper's (Easop) Song titled: "Out Tha Box", as At-Bat Theme Song for 2009 Season" - INN. Atlanta/Los Angeles.  February 2, 2009.

With Spring Training just around the corner, Major League Slugger and Baltimore Orioles Player Ryan Freel announced today that he will be using Los Angeles-based Gospel Rapper's (Easop) song titled: "Out Tha Box", as his personal theme music for at-bats during the 2009 baseball season. Commenting Freel, "Honestly, I had never heard of Christians rapping before.

GRINDHARD RADIO Featuring Arron Reeves and Easop

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